Justification For The Unjustifiable

At some point, if you stopped to read a word or two – maybe a whole sentence – of these writings amounting to nothing but a bunch of silly abracadabras and caprices, you probably wondered, “What’s the point?” Let me clear this up for you once and for all.

If you are looking for purposes, you better hurry up and reach the first informational site round the nearest cyber corner. No worries, I won’t be running after you in the desperate hope to get more traffic and be indexed among the popular sites. I don’t know myself what I should be saying to you at this point, in this that is to represent the sensible explanative note to these pages. You have all my sympathy and trust me, I wondered a lot about what you were wondering just now. All those “Do we really need this?” or “Aren’t these kinds of spaces a little anachronistic these days?”… I’ve been through all that while bringing Absurdia to life. And the final result of all these reflections that started as acutely accurate was the dumbest shrug you can imagine. I am sorry, but I can’t seem to be able to justify anything, because I wouldn’t know what to invent to make it appear plausible.

There is nothing more dangerous than wanting to express at all costs something that doesn’t exist. Bring nothingness in the world and you will obtain a series of inexplicable confusions that will start living a life of their own before you can do anything about it, completely forgetful of you and your original intentions. Nothingness has a set of rules that escapes every rational law of cause and effect. Nothingness quite obviously could not be happening, so when you create it and force it into the world of reality, you will naturally screw everything up in a way or in another. Despite this is basically one of the simplest truths there are, one of the few truths I started to recognize among a whole lot of false truths that are scattered all over the place just to fuck up everybody’s minds, the need of creation is a very compelling need. Not anyone is aware of it though. Creating worlds or, on a smaller scale, situations that doesn’t exist, using characters as symbols to shape the realm of the non-existant, or even making use of these same symbols to translate the absolutely real to the partially real or the unreal, can be indeed a sublime act of creation, leaving for now aside the goodness or the value of it. Ratings of various kinds are not to be discussed in here. The fact is, as for any other creative act, this one can fall under many categories, depending of its motives. Some create because they really trust what they are seeing inside their words, not aware of its untruthful nature, some do it for a narcissistic impulse, some just because life seems too long and we somehow need to pass the time. Whatever the reason, create we must, and words are one of the most human ways for achieving it.

What do I want to say? I’m not really sure, but I am sure nobody has a clue about what they are doing or saying nowadays. We just pour ourselves into all these blabberings and all the rest can go to hell. What’s going on? We couldn’t care less. This is probably why everything is turning into a vicious circle, where everybody needs more and more space to talk and create an increasing amount of confusion, hoping one of these days all of these additional layers will magically start making sense. But will they? When is it going to happen? What I am going to invent at that point? What about anybody else? Are we going to implode and nothingness will end devouring everything there is? Honestly I don’t know.