Welcome to the Third Place… And whatever happened to the Other Two?

Absurdia.Net came into being in the greyish days of November 2004. Before that, my intense web presence was possessed by other domains that I later repudiated as I felt they no longer represented my interests and persona. Sometimes you have to move on, dwelling obsessively upon something isn’t always sign of tenacity and dedication. It seems a whole era has gone by in the meantime but it’s actually not that long ago, is it? Of course the web has changed a lot during this short time. I am still figuring out what these days one is supposed to do with a domain besides selling things nobody has ever heard of, including themselves, and trying to make money out of it. It’s all simpler and yet more complicated than it was in the last years of the 90’s or even in the first years of the 00’s, if you know what I mean. It feels a little like being these people who just can’t understand anything that occurred from their fifties onward.

Absurdia.Net has remained inactive in last years. These have been years of strange events going on, both on a global and on a private level. Not all of these things were positive. Most of them definitely were not. They were years of web disinterest and dilemma on my part, while the rest of the planet was all psyched about it and taking weird directions. While I was more and more convinced it is a wise choice – not to mention the many possibilities in it – to keep a low profile on the internet, it seemed everybody else liked so much the idea of having their lives filed and categorized as in criminal archives. Everybody wanted to keep in touch with their relatives, classmates, colleagues or even with the unknown creepy lady living across the street. Why was that? For somebody who’s always tried to elude them it’s not easy to understand. And anyway, isn’t it more honest to just go across the street and talk to the lady despite her creepiness instead of befriending her on some social networking site? Why does the fact of having people classified make them more interesting? I don’t think most of them are that exciting from any angle you look at them. I most certainly am not, just to make an example. I find this trend plain scary and when possible I’ve been calling myself out of it, in a way. But then I didn’t know what to do with the domain, though I wanted to keep it and use it somehow. I still do not know what to do with it. But wasting resources is evil. So here it is. Again.

Absurdia.Net is a work in progress. I don’t have a clue about what it will turn into in the next period of time. Could be that it stays as it is now, that it changes into a more organic project – that is my original intention – or that I open on it a web community for the protection of violated stuffed bears. I hope stuffed bears won’t take it as an offence if I decide that a community for their defense isn’t after all my cup of tea.